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Elkwood Manor Bed & Breakfast

COVID-19 Update (December 14th 2020)

Dear Guests and Friends,
We have put some changes in place based on three pillars: Safety, Flexibility, and Economy. These policies are being updated as the situation evolves. Please READ them CAREFULLY.
  • All guests are required to sanitize their hands upon entering the premises; hand sanitizer is available at each entrance door.
  • An Executive Order by Colorado's governor effective July 17th 2020 mandates masks in all indoor spaces for everyone age 10 and up. Masks can be removed inside while seated to eat. Masks are not required in outdoor areas but are recommended when you are not able to keep social distance of 6ft from people who are not in your travel party. We serve breakfast and happy hour outside whenever weather permits.
  • Our large living room table has been replaced by individual tables for each room and breakfast times are staggered when possible. We also offer complimentary in-room service for breakfast(included) and dinner(upon request).
  • Our traditional gatherings for happy hour every evening are currently suspended. Alternatively, we are providing a complimentary bottle of wine or beer and appetizers to guests in their rooms upon request.
  • If you have flu-like symptoms, please stay at home. Cancellation fees are waived for lodging reservations through March 2021 provided that you inform us of your inability to come by 6pm the evening prior to your scheduled arrival date.
  • We understand the financial impact these challenging times may impose on you. We are applying a 15% discount to our room rates through March 2021. Choose our WIN-WIN rate when booking your reservation with us.
  • We are committed to your safety as well as to the recovery of the hospitality industry in Pagosa Springs. Together we make a difference.
Please check on Pagosa Springs current COVID-19 status, guidelines and restrictions before you travel here. Current information is available at

Elkwood Manor Bed & Breakfast

Wedding Menu

Appetizers for Cocktail Hour – choose 4

  • Vatapá – A typical Brazilian specialty: Fish and shrimp stew cooked in coconut milk and red palm oil with a creamy texture and exquisite flavor served in individual seashells
  • Mini Crab Cakes – Deep-fried mini cakes of real crab meat and spices topped with a touch of Sriracha
  • Shrimp Cocktail (GF)– Steamed well-chilled shrimp on a zesty homemade Mexican style cocktail sauce served in individual seashells
  • Bacon-wrapped Water Chestnuts (GF)– Water chestnuts wrapped in bacon baked until crispy and brushed with our special sauce
  • Meatballs with BBQ Sauce – Perfectly baked Italian meatballs lightly rolled over BBQ sauce
  • Caprese Skewers (GF)(V) - Cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella balls in small skewers seasoned with olive oil and basil
  • Honey Cheese Balls (V) – Deep-fried bite-size balls of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses topped with a touch of honey
  • Spinach and Cheese Mini Quiches (V) – Bite-size quiches with a creamy spinach and cheese filling
  • Artichoke Delight (V) – Bite-sized savory muffins made with sautéed artichoke and Parmesan cheese
  • Green Grape and Gouda Cheese Skewers (GF)(V)– A cube of smoked gouda cheese and a green grape in delicately flavored small skewers

Main Courses for Dinner Service – Choose 2

  • Boeuf Bourguignon (GF) – Traditional French specialty: Tender fall apart chunks of beef simmered in a rich red wine gravy topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions and baby carrots, served with a side of creamy mashed potatoes
  • Beef or Chicken Stroganoff (GF) – a Russian delight: Sautéed cubes of beef tenderloin or chicken breast in a rich creamy tomato and mushroom sauce sided by white basmati rice
  • Chicken Parmesan–Breaded chicken breasts topped with deli sliced ham, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese baked to perfection and served on a bed of Alfredo pasta
  • Herb Chicken (GF) –Pan-fried chicken thighs seasoned with fresh and dried herbs served with a side of Piemontese rice (basmati rice with mushrooms, cream and Parmesan cheese)
  • Shrimp Risotto with Coconut Milk (GF) – a Brazilian specialty: Large shrimp cooked in a tomato-based homemade sauce with coconut milk and basmati rice
  • Broiled Salmon with Passion Fruit Sauce (GF) – Broiled slices of Atlantic salmon fillet seasoned with dry dill and coarse salt, lightly topped with homemade passion fruit sauce served with Mediterranean rice (long grain rice with turmeric, olive oil, vegetables and spices)
  • Eggplant Tower (V) – Nicely baked towers built with layers of breaded slices of eggplant and mozzarella cheese topped with marinara sauce served with aioli short pasta
  • Garden Pasta (V) – Tri-colored fusilli pasta with vegetables and almonds in a garlic-basil pesto

Note: We are open to discuss other options brides and grooms might have in mind.

We are committed to making our website ADA compliant.

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